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What People Say


"If Allah bestows oil upon us, it will not be a substitute for agriculture, but just a tool, a means for development and for transforming Sudan into a green paradise that feeds its own people and the rest of the world. Even if the black gold of oil flows on top of our soil like rivers, it will be used mainly to help the flourishing growth of green gold on our farms…… I see Kenana as a signpost to our country’s future wealth."

H. E. Gaafr M. Nimeire
President of the Sudan, 3 March 1981




‘Kenana Sugar Project – a bold venture wins through.’

Financial times, London

Heading of three-page article published on 27 February 1981




"In less than four years the world’s largest integrated sugar project was built in a roadless desert. A stunning agricultural success ……. And the factory at night stands out like some space-age monster."

Dr R. b. A. Wilson and Tony Doran

Published in Agribusiness Worldwide, July 1980





"In a departure from our normal editorial policy, we are devoting this entire issue to one subject – the vast project in Sudan known as Kenana. It is the largest single undertaking ever attempted in the long and dramatic history of the sugar industry. "

Donald K. Luke

Chief Editor, Sugar Y Azucar, international sugar industry magazine, February 1981





Kenana really is a remarkable achievement.So many congratulations on what it has achieved for the Sudan

U.K Ambassador

Khartoum, 3 January, 2007  




The high level of quality we met on all levels convinced us that this project can compete with any kind of up-to-date project around the world. We were particularly impressed by the efficient system securing constant supply of sugar canes over the entire harvesting period, thus achieving you factory’s impressive production figures.

The Austrian Ambassador

Cairo, 17 March 2004




Kenana has shown what can be accomplished with the right combination of investment, people and technology. The success you have achieved in 25years is truly impressive.

Ambassador John Limbert

Charge d’Affaires, a.i.
Embassy of the United States of America
Khartoum, September 18, 2005




I was delighted with my visit to the Kenana Sugar Factory on March 13-14, 2003. It is an agro-industrial wonder indeed. I was deeply impressed by the size of the project and the high level of professional efficiency with which it is being managed.

Ashok Kumar

Ambassador of India
Khartoum, March 19, 2003




Pleased to be able to observe up close the harvesting and factory processing operations. Kenana’s vertical and horizontal production phases are impressive; all of the staff responsible for this work should be rightly proud of their role in this organisation.

Ashok Kumar

Robert E. Whitehead
Charge’ d’Affaires
Embassy of the United States of America
Khartoum, January 26, 2010