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Production Site Location


Production Site LocationKSC production site is located approximately 270 KM south to Khartoum (latitude 33.67 E, longitude 13.17 N) at an elevation of 410 m above sea level. The soil of the state is predominately base-saturated heavy textured vertisolas (60 to 70 % clay) of at least 2 meter depth with high CEC (typically over 50 C mol/kh) and pH greater than 7.5. The state lies on an area of extensive clay plains between the White and blue Niles, leading to a predominantly flat topography with a gentle slope towards the White Nile. The mean annual rainfall is 378 mm. The rainy season is usually from May to October, and the mean maximum temperature ranges from 40 °C in April to 31 °C in August. Mean minimum temperature range from 24 °C in May/June to 15 °C in January.

The sugar factory and other plants are built amid corporate cane farm, providing an ultimate model of agro-processing industry in a rural setting. In that sense, KSC site is not just a sugar complex, but a township within a large estate, where basic needs of the staff and their dependents are met by the company.